District 9

Wanda Adams

Wanda Adams was reelected to the HISD Board in November 2017. Congratulations, Wanda!


Wanda Adams was elected to the HISD Board of Education in 2013 and has been a strong advocate for students, teachers, support personnel, and taxpayers since joining the board. Wanda Adams has fought to protect the property of Houston ISD from the state, and has shown herself as a capable leader for Houston.

Houston schools are centers of neighborhoods, and Wanda Adams understands the important role schools play for children and families. She has worked to build relationships within the community to bring support services beyond the normal continuing education and tutoring. When children and families have easy access to basic medical, legal, housing, and other social services it creates stability for children, families, and communities.

Houston ISD is one of the largest districts in the country and competes nationally for teachers, administrators, and support personnel. As such, it has been a priority of Wanda Adams' time on the board that every employee of Houston ISD earn a fair and competitive wage. Our children deserve the best, and Wanda Adams has made recruiting and retaining the best teachers and staff a priority.

During 2017 when the state of Texas threatened to detach property from Houston ISD Wanda led the voters of Houston to reject that move, and brought a solution that kept Houston ISD whole. While fighting against a state takeover on a defensive front Wanda Adams led the Board of Trustees to join with state lawmakers working to fix the state's broken school finance scheme because she knows that property taxes cannot be the sole funding source for Houston.

A Sunday school teacher and international missionary for the Fountain of Praise Church, Adams is active in the community, and as a former Houston City Councilmember was featured in Houston's Woman's magazine's Top 50 Women, earning an Award of Distinction from the National Forum of Black Public
Accountants, and the Houston Area Association for the Education of Young Children's Elected Official of the Year Award.