Houston is built one STRONG school at a time. 


Houston United for Strong Public Schools unites teachers, support personnel, families and community members in Houston. We believe in strong, neighborhood public schools no matter what zip code or neighborhood a family calls home in Houston. 

Houston is a community built on strong values. We take pride in educating our children to compete in Texas and beyond.

Public education is a foundation that prepares our children for the future and for excellence in the workplace. That’s why it’s vital that strong schools have the best teachers and the most current tools for education.

Schools are part of neighborhoods – that is why it’s important to develop strong community relationships so that our classrooms provide children a platform for success. Community Schools provide a guide for how to bring more tutoring services, as well as, medical, legal, and housing professionals for students and families.

Our district must build upon principles of transparency and local control which ensure our citizens continue to have a voice in our children's education.

-Jackie Anderson, Treasurer