Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca

Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca won her election in November 2017. Congratulations, Holly!


Holly Flynn Vilaseca is a proud educator and HISD mother who has stood up for students as our Trustee in District 6.

As our Trustee Holly has worked for a curriculum that serves the individual students. She has identified and worked hard on the need to do better at creating transitions between schools and grade levels that work together, rather than just a series of unconnected subject programs.

Holly fights every day on the board to protect your taxes and to make the actions of the board more transparent. Holly has fought against the state trying to take resources out Houston in order to plug holes left by irresponsible state spending, and she knows that Houston tax dollars need to benefit Houston. Open communication with community members have been a staple of Holly’s time as Trustee and she will continue to talk to every single taxpayer about how their money is being used.

Holly W_Kids.jpg