District 1

Elizabeth Santos 

Elizabeth Santos is a Houston native who takes pride in her city and isn’t afraid to do the hard work required to make it better. She has been inside Houston schools her whole life, from attending public schools to teaching in a District 1 area school.

As our Trustee Elizabeth will work to build up our students with Community School initiatives that bring services beyond the classroom to support students and families. Children who lack basic healthcare, who don’t have a stable home, or who need more learning support services can succeed and Elizabeth will work to make every neighborhood school a hub for support services that benefit everyone.

Elizabeth has seen first hand the unique challenges which every student faces and will work to make sure that the students of HISD get an education that treats them as individuals and not statistics. You cannot have a strong curriculum if the stability of a school or the future of a student is determined in a single high-stakes exam and Elizabeth will fight to end the misuse of tests.

As a teacher Elizabeth knows the commitment every educator has to their profession. She will fight to not only recruit, but also retain the best talent, because our children deserve outstanding teachers in every HISD classroom.

Elizabeth Santos is a taxpayer in HISD, and like every one of us she is tired of the state taking money out of our schools instead of stepping up to its responsibility. Elizabeth will stand strong for local control of our tax dollars, because Houston children are our first priority.