District 7

Anne Sung

Anne Sung was reelected to the HISD Board in November 2017. Congratulations, Anne!


Anne Sung is a Houston ISD graduate who as an elected official has put all of her energy into being the best Trustee for the district that she can be. From day one Anne has made a priority of visiting every single school to see first hand the individual challenges that every campus faces. Her dedication to learning what problems schools face and fixing them in the best way for that particular school make her the Trustee District 7 needs.

As our Trustee Anne has worked to build community partnerships that bring more resources to our schools because campuses in the middle of communities are uniquely positioned to serve as hubs for community services. She will continue to build these relationships with medical, legal, and housing services providers who can help students and their families.

Transparency and local control of our taxes has also been a focus of Anne Sung. She strives to give Houston voters a voice on the HISD board, because she knows that Houston residents work hard for their money and HISD needs to work just as hard for the students and community it serves.

Re-electing Anne Sung will send a strong voice for improvement back to the board, because Anne will not rest until every student has the opportunity to attend an elite school and succeed like she had the chance to do.